"What I think is that for centuries politicians have been getting away with gas-lighting entire groups of people." Character Explorations. © 2017-2019 Armstrong Watts.

Morrow and Krista.

"If you're depressed, or hurt, or something, we can deal with it. But nobody wants a girl who's just like a b--" "Like a what?" "Who's just like angry at everybody." -- "I'm saying if you are hurting, that's one thing." "You loved me when I had an eating disorder." "Of course." "But you can't [...]


"It started with some guy hacking into my best friend's phone after a bad break up. No, it wasn't their break up. She broke up with Adam. And this guy thought she should be dating him next." "But how did you learn?" "Anger and time." "Where is he now?" "He's not anywhere. Here's the first [...]

To. the. Ground.

"To. The. Ground." "A group of arsonists is said to be behind the fires at the Holloman complex and the Latimore storage facility. The police remain tight lipped about the motive and specific identities of the suspects.  This comes days after the shut down of the last facility left in Minneapolis." Character Explorations © Armstrong [...]

I.L. and Christopher

"Your kid sister doesn't trust me?" "I need you to go home." "You're scared and that's your excuse." - "If you're gonna run away, run away. But don't use her as an excuse."   Character Explorations © Armstrong Watts 2017-19  

Jace. & Wallace (The Bar Conf.)

You hit me. You. hit. me. If  you hit that guy right now, that would be a crime. Even if you were having a bad day. Even if you were frustrated. Even if you had some kind of responsibility for him and called it discipline. It'd be illegal to hit him, because you're frustrated, or [...]

Character Exploration (SaraJ)

I don't feel anything for him and I should. At least not anything good. I don't care about her anymore, and I should. I'm losing a good friend and mentor. Our relationship is already over. I won't even miss him. At least not for a while. I'll miss them. His mother. His father. His sisters. [...]