Mina vs. The Curse of Knowing (Read or Listen)

Mina vs. The Curse of Knowing Everyone in class claimed she was actually psychic.I didn't know her at all, until we got paired up for an assignment in physics class.Mina* was the quiet girl in our small town school. But she had these eyes that bore into the back of your head so you felt it.  [...]

The Thing About Star Wars

I always had my reasons for choosing Trek over Wars, in the never-ending game of which is better. In my mind, it wasn't even close. Picard. Crusher. Guinan. A never-ending Trek through the galaxy. New discoveries, and enemies, and challenges, and species at every turn. The Borg. Still one of the greatest villainous forces of [...]

Shape of the Future.

© 2019 Armstrong Watts. All Rights Reserved. The tentacles of poverty and trauma attempt to reach out, stretching themselves forward in time, to bore into the minds, hearts, and spirits of every passing generation. They want the stings of stolen dreams, failure, pain, shame, abuse, injustices never righted, to transmit forever forward and live on. [...]