The Thing About Star Wars

I always had my reasons for choosing Trek over Wars, in the never-ending game of which is better. In my mind, it wasn't even close. Picard. Crusher. Guinan. A never-ending Trek through the galaxy. New discoveries, and enemies, and challenges, and species at every turn. The Borg. Still one of the greatest villainous forces of [...]

Wednesday Motivation – from Elizabeth Gilbert

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Part 3, Last Update on the Week of Writing Sprints.

Update on this past week of writing sprints. The plan was to see how writing sprints affected my process, especially in the uncertain phase I'm in, while deciding what work I'll do next on my previous draft. Sprinting made the writing week fly by. I did 20 minute writing sprints each day. With an average [...]

Part 2 – Kick Off to 20 Minute Writing Sprints (Mid-Week Update)

Quick update on the writing sprints. So far so good. 4 sprints on Friday. 4 sprints on Monday. 4 Tuesday. A few of them went longer than the 20 minutes planned. And my plan is to just keep it up until it isn't fun anymore or doesn't keep me writing. Also, doing a bit of [...]

Kick Off to 20 Minute Writing Sprints Over the Next Week.

While I let my last draft sit, I am going to take my mind off of it by doing Writing Sprints. Just 20 minute blocks, throughout the day to write. The only activities I'm going to count as writing are: Drafting. Writing Exercises. Brainstorming. Outlining. I'm going to count Research Sprints and Editing Sprints separately.  [...]

The Maisie Williams TED Talk.

"We are connected. We are aware. And we are the future."

Movie Marathon Today

Movie Marathon Today Attack the Block. Flight of the Navigator. Back to the Future Part 1 and 2. #WritingBreaks              

Female Heroes of Marvel Bracket

I'm thinking Mariah Dillard vs. Jessica Jones, or Dark Phoenix vs. Shuri. #MarvelVillainsvsHeroes #WritingBreaks