Entry #18 Where the Art Comes From

The first story I ever wrote and showed to someone outside of my family was motivated by wanting to solve a very real problem I was seeing. The girls in my elementary school were particularly mean to each other and divided into factions. I preferred hanging out with people one on one, (and still usually do). So I felt the division, as one person I hung out with, didn’t really connect with another person I spent time with.

The next major writing I remember both came out of school projects. One was an assignment and one was an upcoming school contest. In both cases, we needed material in order to have something to perform, and fulfill the requirements needed.

And another project came about because I was searching for answers, after the death of a friend.

The point of all this, is that I started to wonder if connection, creating opportunities, and joining meaningful conversations, was always an outcome of writing but never the thing that actually got the creativity going in the first place.

Instead, it seems what got the creativity going was the desire to solve a problem or find answer to a question.

My recent project started veering because I have been focused on what I’d like to give to an audience, and what kind of story I’d like to create, instead of focusing on what really, really interests me, writing to explore very specific questions, or writing to solve a problem. I am going to focus back in on those areas and see if that helps me out.