Part 3, Last Update on the Week of Writing Sprints.

Update on this past week of writing sprints.

The plan was to see how writing sprints affected my process, especially in the uncertain phase I’m in, while deciding what work I’ll do next on my previous draft.

Sprinting made the writing week fly by.

I did 20 minute writing sprints each day.

With an average of four restarts.

Some sprinting cycles went as long as 80 minutes.

So on several days I ended up writing for as much as three hours.

That is separate from research, editing, or any time spent re-reading previous work.

If I sat down in the early morning to write for 20 minutes, and wrote for 80, I still counted that as one sprint. Then I’d reset the clock for 20 minutes when I started my next sprint.

There was something exciting about sprinting that hasn’t happened when I’ve settled in, knowing ahead of time that I’m going to have, say 3 hours to write.

I also don’t usually acknowledge wins, so that may be part of it.

There was something energizing about telling myself at the end of every 20 minute cycle, that I had accomplished something. 

I also noticed my mind didn’t wander during any of the sprints. So the need to find out exactly what year a certain novel was released, or when exactly movie star A started shooting his latest Oscar-nominated movie, disappeared.

I didn’t feel like there was time.

Whenever a sprint went a lot longer than 20 minutes, and I started to feel like it was time to wrap things up, I’d say, okay, I’ll just do one more sprint. And, for some reason, starting the clock over re-energized me.

It’s so funny, because I know my mind would rebel based on someone else’s ticking clock. But on my own clock, it just woke up and focused.

I think I’ll keep up the sprints into next week to keep myself in a rhythm.

Otherwise, it can be easy for my mind to meander, and luxuriate in daydreaming, instead of actually getting something down onto the page that I can come back and work with later.

Now breakfast. And then I’m going to do my best to fit in two more sprints before the afternoon.