Shape the Future.

The tentacles of poverty and trauma attempt to reach out, stretching themselves forward in time, to bore into the minds, hearts, and spirits of every passing generation. They want the stings of stolen dreams, and failure, and pain, and shame, and abuse, and injustices never righted, to transmit forever forward and live on. In you. [...]

Entry #18 Where the Art Comes From

The first story I ever wrote and showed to someone outside of my family was motivated by wanting to solve a very real problem I was seeing. The girls in my elementary school were particularly mean to each other and divided into factions. I preferred hanging out with people one on one, (and still usually [...]

Entry #16: Who We Look Up To

So I'm reading this article about what builds self-confidence. What is it? Where does it come from? What strengthens it? So I can help my >clears throat< writer friend >avoids eye-contact< keep her confidence up when writing. Especially through the rough spots, The rough spots of getting the words onto the page. But also the [...]

Entry #1: Connecting… From a Distance.

I need to write about the process of writing. It helps me keep writing. This can be tricky when you also need to protect your process, and protect your project until it's fully formed. If you tell people you're writing a novel, they start asking a lot of very well-meaning questions. (Unless, of course, you [...]